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School Archaeology Days

Do you have an archaeological site beneath your playground? Is there a skeleton in your classroom? Would you like one?!

Archaeology can offer a stimulating and inspirational introduction to all periods of history for children of all ages. It  brings together aspects from a wide range of subjects in one package including science, history, maths, geography, art & design and creative writing.

Norvic Archaeology has developed a range of exciting and affordable packages to bring the past alive using archaeologically themed activities for Key Stages 1 and 2 children.  These packages include relevant materials, activity sheets and my professional enthusiasm! Please see below for some examples of available packages.

‘Time Detectives'


Become a Time Detective and help an archaeologist to excavate and record an exciting archaeological discovery, such as a mysterious burial or a Roman house, and learn more about the past through a variety of hands on activities.


This is the most popular format for a School Archaeology Day, suitable for Years 1-6, for up to 2 classes in one day-long session. Norvic Archaeology provides an archaeologist  for the day to run a mock-excavation and the resources to run up to 8 additional activities.


Click here to see an example of a KS2 school Time Detectives Day run recently and click here for a sample Notes for Teachers .pdf for a KS1 Time Detective activity day.

Curriculum Themed Archaeology Sessions


The Time Detectives format can also be adjusted to provide a specific focus - for example an  Iron Age, Roman or a Medieval theme to fit in with the topic being studied by the children. This can be a morning or afternoon session or an entire day of activities. Previous schools have found that the Archaeology session provides a good introduction from which to launch history themed topics.


Click here to see an example of a school Roman Archaeology Day run recently.


Meet the Archaeologist Session


Invite an archaeologist into your classroom to discover how forgotten histories can be pieced together from the clues our ancestors left behind. This includes a question and answer session, an introduction to several key archaeological concepts using hands on examples and the opportunity to handle real artefacts.


Excavation Project (aimed at a single class of Y5/6 children)


This day long session gets the children to assist an archaeologist in all phases of a mock excavation at their school, from evaluating  and researching the site to planning the dig and carrying out the excavation. The children then process the finds, collate the results and piece together all the evidence to present as part of a class museum.


Resource Packs


Norvic Archaeology is currently developing resource packs to loan to schools to run their own Archaeology sessions or to provide practical activities that can be added to history topics to enhance the teaching programme.


Bespoke Packages


Norvic Archaeology is open to commissions from schools or other groups to create bespoke packages of archaeological activities  and resources.


For information on this or any of the packages on this website, please contact Giles. Full Archaeology Days typically cost in the range of £220 which includes all resources, consumable materials and an archaeologist for the day.