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 School Roman Archaeology Day

Norvic Archaeology was invited to create and run a Roman Archaeology day at Horsford Infant CE VC School as an introduction to History and Learning for two classes of six year olds.

The children arrived in the morning to find an archaeological trench under excavation in their playground! Groups of eager Time Detectives assisted the archaeologist in the discovery of a mock Roman Villa beneath their school whilst back in the classroom other children were busy learning more about the Roman way of life, making Roman ‘Bulla’ (charm necklaces), designing and creating their own mosaics, using metal detectors and piecing together pottery as clues to the past.

From their excavated evidence, the children discovered that the Romans who once lived on the site of the school were quite wealthy – they had their own posh mosaic floor, ate loads of seafood, wore glass beads, bronze brooches and bone pins and used different types of pottery for different things. They left in a hurry at the end of Roman Britain though when some of their wealth was buried as a hoard of coins in a jar!

The final Time Detective team to work in the trench found a mysterious altar and a ‘bronze head’ which is currently on display in the classroom. The children will learn more about this and other artefacts during the term culminating in the performance of ‘The Head in the Sand: A Roman play’ by Julia Donaldson, which tells of the invasion of Iron Age Britain by the Romans.

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