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 School Time Detective Day

The Hellesdon Cluster of schools commissioned Norvic Archaeology to provide a day of activities in a number of  schools for their programme of 'Family Challenge Days'

The aim was to introduce the children to Archaeology through a series of hands-on activities that explored how archaeologists find out about the past. The children became Time Detectives, assisting the archaeologist in the excavation of a mystery burial and taking part in a carousel of other activities and challenges.

The children and their parents reached back through time to discover and examine ancient artefacts, piece together a mix of broken pottery and metal detect for coins. They decoded ancient texts in hieroglyphs, carved their name in Viking runes and  compared rubbish from both a modern and Roman family to see how even everyday objects can tell us about people from the past.


These activities promoted  a variety of historical enquiry skills through the  introduction to the children of the concept of layers of time, the close study of artefacts from different historical periods and the study of different types of evidence to understand the life styles of past societies.




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